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Implementing VoIP is our speciality, from hosted business telephone systems to PBX SIP trunking & VoIP gateways we have all the options available.
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With more than 20 years VoIP experience you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We offer voice over IP services that meet any requirement.

SIP Trunking

Connect to our network for a secure, reliable low cost VoIP SIP Trunk with features and configurable options not available from any other provider.


VoIP Gateways

Replace legacy, costly ISDN and Primary Rate telephone lines without changing the underlying hardware using a VoIP gateway.


Hosted PBX Top features

Our hosted business telephone system is packed full of features and options with no hidden license fees or upgrade costs. Using our 20 years telephone system experiece we have developed a cloud PBX which is simple to use with little or no training.

Reliable and secure


Web management


Accessible anywhere


Presence availability


Call tagging


Time profiles


Cloud Storage


Chat module


Mobile ready


Awarded company

VoIP SIP Trunks

With Session Border Controllers (SBC) in 3 independant data centres and with dedicated interconnects to major T1 Carriers, we are able to offer an unrivaled VoIP connection for your telephony services.

VoIP Gateways

Connect your existing ISDN equipment to a VoIP gateway to gain all the benefits of VoIP without changing hardware. We only sell and support quality gateways which offer the most reliable service.


Sangoma / Vega 50
  • 8 Basic Rate Channels
  • 4 ETSI ISDN Intefaces
  • SBUS Options
  • Media Gateway
  • SIP & H323
  • Flexible Routing
  • PSTN Backup
  • Rack Mountable
  • + All features


Sangoma / Vega 200G
  • 60 ISDN Channels
  • 2 E1/T1/PRI Interface
  • SBUS & QSIG Support
  • Media Gateway
  • SIP Signalling
  • Flexible Routing
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Rack Mountable
  • PSTN Backup
  • Network or Terminal Side Connections
  • + All features

Frequently asked questions

Looking for professional advice or a bespoke solution, feel free to contact us with your requirement. We would love to help.

  • 20 Years VoIP Experience
  • Bespoke CTI & Integration Services
  • Highly Resilient & Fault Tolerant Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that helps in the delivery of communication over the internet. This works by coding the voice signal from an ordinary phone into a digital signal, which is transmitted over the Internet and converted back into voice signal. Software under this technology allows the users to communicate, using SIP as the protocol language, to anywhere in the world and gain access to features with that aren’t available with traditional phone systems. Using Internet telephony, you can call anyone, including the users of traditional landline or mobile phones.

Organisations using a cloud-hosted VoIP telephone system do not need to install and maintain any special on-site hardware such as a PBX or brain as such, only an internet connection is required. Each telephone device connects via the internet to a cloud VoIP service provider and thus is managed therein via central web interface. In comparison, an in-house or on-premise telephone system (PBX) requires a central PBX server to which each telephone device connects. This PBX server would connect telephone lines, be they ISDN or VoIP, making them available for use by all connected devices. Organization might choose an on-premise PBX for compliance reasons or to reduce bandwidth usage on internet connections.

VoIP has multiple benefits over the traditional phones, all for significantly lower costs making it the de facto for all business sizes. -Cost efficiency, one network to manage for both voice and data instead of two; no physical space needed – a cloud phone system does not require any equipment; -Employees have more ways to stay connected (whenever they are) and customers to reach them which greatly enables remote working; -Calls can be made and received from almost any device (desktop, tablet and mobile); -Control of your system, easy make moves, changes and update with new features; -VoIP enables scaling alongside with the growth of your business. -Advanced and latest phone features.

Yes, you can move location with your VoIP phone system, the technology is based on internet communication.

Yes, we have porting agreements with all Irish and UK Carriers and are able to port your numbers to our network. This process normally takes 1 day to complete and once ported you will have full control via our web management system of your numbers. To initiate a port request navigate to our online store and submit a 'Port Request'.

A VoIP gateway converts typical ISDN, basic rate, fractional or Primary Rate, on 1 side into VoIP SIP Signalling on the other. Using a VoIP gateway is a reliable cost effective method of implementing VoIP without changing the underlying hardware, such as a PBX telephone system. Gateways vary in the number of ports available but generally you attempt to match what you are replacing.

Quick answer is to allow typically 100 Kb/s in each direction, so a 1Mb connection would be capable of providing 10 concurrent calls. Remember always to account for uploading/upstream speed as well as downloading/downstream capacity when calculating bandwidth, a mistake commonly made.

Choosing the right VoIP provider can quickly become a mammoth task with so many offerings now available. In summary you should question the following:
Redundancy - at Procom we have points of presence in 3 distinct datacentres.
Location - at Procom we have servers available in Ireland and the UK providing least hop routing, meaning faster connections and less chance of packet dropping or drops in voice conversations.
Security - what fraud protection measures are in place - at Procom we enable destination access control lists so in the event that your system is compromised, your exposure is minified.
Quality - in VoIP we use a method called MOS to calculate how good a call's quality was with 4.5 being the highest. At Procom we aim for 4.5 on all calls plus we provide you with a web interface so you can monitor your call ratings.
Costs - last but not least is call charges. Being competitive or being able to build a package that suits your needs on a monthly, yearly basis is often better than a fluctuating unknow charge.-

Our SIP trunking service is extremely efficient and takes up to 1 minute to propagate across our network any configuration implemented. We support IP authentication and Peer Registration. The latter is easier to setup on the client side more often than not avoiding firewall modifications such as port forwarding.

by being carrier neutral we have multiple interconnects to T1 carriers for outbound calling. We don't put all our eggs into 1 basket so while we place reliability and quality over cost, we endeavour to always connect your call.

A SIP Trunk is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection from a VoIP provider to a VoIP capable device such as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange or better known as a telephone system). SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the signalling protocol language to which VoIP devices use to setup the connection in order to send and receive voice (real time protocol or RTP) traffic between the endpoints. Put simply, SIP is basically the language VoIP devices speak and trunk is another word for telephone lines.

About Us

Established in 2005, Procom Office Solutions Ltd provides Voice over IP telephony services to businesses in Ireland and across the globe. Our product offering ranges from hosted telephone platforms and corporate SIP trunks to bespoke integration services.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, we are a small team with more than 30 years experience in telecoms. We have customers in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland and across Europe. Our niche is being able to integrate to any PBX or VoIP platforms and offer bespoke solutions where no other provider or off the shelf product can facilitate.

Our clients include; Magnet Networks to whome we built an IVR system which integrated to their billing platform so they could offer self-service payment processing via a payment gateway; Vodafone Ireland to whom we built a custom call recording solution to be used for capturing contracts; Silent-Aire to whom we provided a globally interconnected plaform with unfied voicemail, chat messaging and click to call; Realex Payments (Global Payments) to whom we provided a fault tolerant VoIP solution, integration to their backend systems.

All of our solutions are designed with fault toleranance, scalability and diversed across multiple data centres and by interconnecting to top Tier 1 carriers including BT, Virgin Media, Bandwidth, Voxbone, Gamma, Colt and others, we deliver the highest quality voice calls to our end users coupled with integration options never seen before.

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